Punto (Mk2/2b) Hi everyone


Hello everyone,
Just wanna say hi im kev or ted and this is my new car that i got last week, really like it great little runner its 1.2 8v 3d and such an upgrade from my last punto mk1 1.2 8v 5d!!!!:bang:
Im not really used to using forums at the moment so fingers crossed that u can view these pics :D

The first one is the day i bought it, Everything is standard. has a few tiny dings around the car and some small scrathes but thats no different from any other 2002 punto :yum:, it has 53000 on the clock and the interior is mint apart from the back seats have some small stains :eek:


This next picture is some mods iv done like tints and alloys i have a few more things in mind but need to get cash up haha

Also what is the best exhaust to get and has anyone ever put in a power boost valve without ripping the engine to bits? if so what make]


Tell me your thoughts?

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