Cinquecento Hensey's 1386 16v build


Some may or may not know my 1242 8v Schumacher seicento build thread here:

But anyway I been lusting for a Cinq for a very long time and a good friend of mine decided it was time to get rid off his so I couldn't say no for the price
Spec at the min from what previous owner has told me is
P75 engine (inlet manifold is broken so if anyone has a spare lying around give me a pm)
P55 six speed gearbox
Comp m05s
Lowered 40mm
Pollybushed here and there have found the rear trailing arm and tbelt engine mount bushes in the boot
Pgt brakes all round with drilled and groved discs
Omp steering wheel and maybe an omp boss
Yellow Lockwood cluster faces
Full supersprint exhaust system including super sprint 4-2-1 manifold
Meant to have a 40mm tb haven't checked this yet

And maybe a few other bits and bobs I've missed or I haven't found yet

Currently the heads off the engine it come with every thing to refit but some how the inlet manifold has been broken so I need for find one or another head with one and needs the rear callipers re fitting the are brand new in a box in the boot i've looked all over and the only rot I can find is in the wheel arches

So the game plan is to get it running and driving so I can make sure the running gears okay then straight onto getting her looking nice

Now boost is loading I am in the process of buying parts as and when they come up forsale or Making it myself but so far I've got a manifold and decomp plate

Right so now to some pictures of the old girl IMG_1474743714.358328.jpg

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