Grande Punto Grande Punto 1248cc turbo derv 75bhp


I'll introduce my self :D I'm Anthony, come from St.Helens, and can proudly say this is my 2nd grande, but this is the best one ive had lol . of course i have had a few troubles the last 10 months and 14 k on the clock but other than that this car just takes ever beating it gets ( i reveresed her into a curb while working) any way, i thought i would add my pictures of my special blue punto :D and see what you all think? any ideas would be great too :D just not the idea of 17" alloys :( fiat uk say it aint allowed them (but then again they aint sure) any way here is big derv in her glory :) sorry that shes a lil dirty, im gonna clean her wen its dry with diamond bright :p

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