Goodbye Bravo......Hello Focus!


Well the time has come to say goodbye to my beloved Bravo.

After 13 months and five days of ownership, I have decided to buy a 'Y' reg 1.6 petrol Focus 5 door.

I wanted something newer and with a bit less mileage, Bravo has done nearly 122,000 miles and the Focus has done 76,000.

I have always wanted a Focus, and we need a 5 door for my son, who is growing up (nearly a big 5).

Got it for £1850, with the Bravo as PX. Not bad considering it was up at £2200 and got £350 for the Bravo (only paid £400 for it last year)

I pick her up on Saturday.

So all in all I will be sad to see the Bravo go, been a good reliable car.

Couple of pics.....



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