Cinquecento Finally Some Pics Of Me Cinq, Just Been Washed


Rare oppotunity to see pics of me cinq just for all you lot,

Dont really post up many pictures of her but i thought as everyone else is getting camera happy thought ill take a few after a good old wash.

Feast ya eyes on these.

First up we have the rear of me car wit its smooth bumper, didnt get the lock done as i need it for wen i get the chance to put my de locked doors back on.

Next we have the side/rear view of the car, followed by the side/front view.

The next two are of her interior, the dash board and seats.

And finally the last one is the view people see in their rear view mirror wit me chasing em down :D

Hope ya enjoy, and like the pics, Please let us know wat ya think guys,

A (y) Or A (n)

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