Seicento Finally got my Seicento Sporting.


I owned a Seicento SX 0.9 for just over a year and loved it, but was bored with the lack of performance. Scoured the web for ages for a nice standard Sei bargain and then yesterday I found this little beauty.


It's completely standard, owned previously by a lady who was scared of 50mph.
62K. Couple of little nicks on the body and alloys. But overall very tidy.
Needs a new clutch which is ordered and on the way. Has an oil leak, possibly head gasket, will get it checked in the next couple of days. I think the rear wiper motor has gone. But everything else is just sweet, as Fiat intended.
All I'm going to do to it is hopefully squeeze a little bit more power with some as yet unknown mods, exhaust, decat maybe. Beef the brakes up. I'm tempted to a set of Schumacher alloys from the later models but not desperate. There was an advisory for a corroded spring so a better set may come in the near future, but it feels tip top to be honest, and I don't want to lower it too far and ruin the ride. 12 months MOT, taxed til November. I'm not telling how much, but lets just say it was a freakin steal.
This is my old Seicento SX.

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