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Hi guys! Been on the forum a while so I finally got round to cleaning my car up a bit and posting some photos :)

I passed my test about 6 months ago and bought my punto, which has had SO much work done... Urgh! Unfortunately this has left me little money to do any modifications, and now that I'm in uni I have even less, so don't expect much to change too quickly!

The car has 70,000 miles on the clock and its an 02 plate. Not a bad first car, should last me a few years! Here's what I've managed to do on my pathetic, gypsy-like income:

Interior Mods:

Footwell lights (Photos to come soon)
HGT Steering Wheel

Exterior Mods:

Smooth Sided

To Do List

Lights for cup holder section on centre console (have the parts)
CC wing mirrors
CC door handles
Get rid of my god awful hub caps and steelies
Respray the left part of the back bumper (someone tried to do this and failed miserably)

As you can tell, my funds are limited and I don't want to go near any modifications that would bump up my insurance too much for the first couple of years, i simply can not afford it :eek:


Well, I like it anyway :eek:
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