Panda Fiat Panda 4x4 Climbing VO57 XVL "Custard Cream" Progress Log


Hey folks, some of you may know me from the Classic Panda section, wanted to do a progress log for my latest Panda, a 169 Mk3 4x4 Climbing with the Skydome :)

Bought from a lovely lady in Kent and transported to me in Ayrshire, 92000 miles, I was planning to keep it in my garage and slowly get it up to standard before using it but as they say, "man makes plans and god laughs". My Bravo packed in so I was forced to press it into action.

First thing I did was cleaning it over a couple weeks as it had been used for mountain biking trips through forests etc it was in need of deep cleaning.

I've changed the oil, filter, air filter and spark plugs so far in terms of servicing. Found a polystyrene boot tool tray, which needed cutting to incorporate the sliding rear seat rails. I need to clean the inside deeply too which I haven't done yet. Photos of everything so far will be coming! I love the wee thing.
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