Bravo Fiat Bravo T-Jet


As i tell to ohter topic, so far i have done this modding to my Bravo:

- Custommade Abarthbadges front and rear. (Black with white Abarth scorpion)
- Removed "Bravo"-badge from rear.
- Remove "T-jet"-badge from front and customised it. Now it says: "Powered by Abarth".
- Motor is tuned. My Bravo has now 182Hp and 285Nm.
- Front, behind the lower grill is Knight Rider- lights :D
- White stripe-sticker added on hood.
- Inside theres a Abarthbadges in front seats and center of the backseat is huge Abarthbadge.
- Rear wiper is removed
- Couple of our finnish Fiat Tuning Club Finland- stickers added back and front.
- Sideindicators is now black, not white as original.
- Small Abarthbadges under the sideindicators.
- Licenseplate has Abarth screws rear and front :D

Yet to come:
- Lowering springs (40mm)

Here is one picture of my Bravo. I will take more pictures later.
There you can see how those Knight Rider - lighting works :) It comes with a remote control so you can put it on/off, adding or decreasing speed and change lightmodes.
[nomedia=""]YouTube- Fiat Bravo T-Jet[/nomedia]

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