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Enzo the Cinquecento - 500L 110F RestoMod

Hi Everyone,

I bought a 1970 FIAT 500L in November of 2015 with my goal being to have a classic car that I could restore over time, and make some modern improvements along the way. Ideally the car will be a car driven only maybe 1 or 2 days per month, but also be improved so that I can do classic rallies, hill-climbs and social motorsports.

I've always loved the Abarth cars from that era, so the exterior aesthetic styling will be Abarth-based, and the interior will be a more modern GT-style (neat and functional).

The existing 126/650cc engine in the car has been plagued since I bought it so I have now taken the car off the road to commence a large chunk of the work.

Planned works include:
  • Motor
  • 780cc IL Motore competition motor - ORDERED
  • External oil cooler with logic-controlled thermofans
  • ELX ignition
  • Transmission/Driveline
  • Assess gearbox for actual current gear ratio set and final drive
  • Look at options for differentials/LSD
  • Exterior
  • Roll guards to avoid tyre scrub on outer edges (145/70,12) but upgrading to 165/55, 12
  • Install Abarth badging
  • Install raised engine cover
  • Research composite aerodynamic hard roof options for competition spec
  • Abarth Corse mirrors
  • Abarth wipers
  • Bonnet catches front and rear
  • Interior
  • Strip all existing carpet
  • Replace with new carpet or alu/composite floor plates
  • Remove original seats, replace with 2 fixed composite SPARCO bucket seats
  • Remove rear seat entirely, create replacement panel over firewall with sound and heat insulation
  • Replace steering wheel with SPARCO 3-spoke, small dish suede wheel
  • Modify gear shifter to allow for shorter mechanical throw but with more clearance of seats with SPARCO gear knob
  • Replace dash with custom layout, composite wrapped in alcantara
  • Install Race Technology DASH2 (oil pressure, oil temp, air-fuel ratio)
  • Install 2 x HANHART mechanical chronometers for classic rally
  • Modify SPARCO pedals and look at options for brake BIAS adjustment
  • Chassis
  • replace current (lowered) leaf spring suspension with adjustable 2 or 3-way coil-overs (need to research options)
  • strut brace for front towers
  • need to establish rigidity in rear frame and asses if brace required in rear
  • Brakes
  • 4-wheel disc brakes
  • hydraulic handbrake
  • Electronics
  • Strip and re-wire the entire car with a custom mil spec loom
  • Include loom pairs/plugs for sensors (engine, chassis, brake etc)
  • Fuel
  • Remove small fuel tank and replace with larger capacity rated fuel cell
  • Electric fuel pump
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • Yokohama A048 165/55,12
  • Currently has genuine Borrani 4.5,12 wheels. Will keep these for the road.
  • Create custom "turbo-fans", need to assess base wheel for this modification

I have already laser scanned the car to work on some component design, and to do 2D and 3D CFD on the body to look at aerodynamic options to improve engine performance (RAM air box), and also engine cooling, plus optimised location for oil cooler.

I won't have a lot of time to constantly update this, but I will do my best to upload shots as key things are ticked off the list.

I hope to get advice from other owners on a few key parts, as there are a lot of shops out there selling the same stuff, but in my research not many people seem to be using it!

Some of the purists won't like what I'm doing to the car, but my goal is not to jeopardise the shell at all, as that's where this cars value is. I'll be keeping most of the original parts I take off, so I can always restore it back to normal in the future. But I hope everyone appreciates what I'm trying to achieve with this project.

Renato (and Enzo)

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