500 (Classic) Daemonoid's classic Fiat 500


Couple of pics, and the start of a project...

Big todo list:

1. Oil leak - this project is fairly long term so while I could just replace the engine I really want to be able to run around in it for now.

2. Driver's door lock is stuffed - need a new one.

3. Heating is screwed - need to figure this out as it may also affect the cooling of the engine. Plus these Dutch winters are terrible - I was shivering despite wearing 2 tshirts, a jacket, a coat, a hat and gloves.

4. Electrics - someone in the past has had a bit of a play around with the electrics - there's a number of switches that don't work and a few new ones (some of which also have no apparent function).

5. Windscreen washers - who'd've guessed a classic fiat 500 doesn't have window washers? well, not me until I'm following a truck with a low winter sun and all I can do is spread the muck around the windscreen.

6. Window seals - the aluminium is going on the drivers side.

7. new soft top - there's a small tear that I missed on the test drive :(

8. Disc brakes - the original fiat 500 brakes are quite spongy before I get so much extra power I'd like to be able to control it.

9. New rims and tyres - the existing steel rims are looking a bit tired and I really fancied from white walled tyres.

10. New engine from a Ducati and diff.

11. A starter motor based reverse.

12. Paint job.

13. General interior refit.

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