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Seicento Da gnomes Sei Baby


Hi all,

Thought I would post a picture of my baby on here for all to see, I am still doing work on her so this is an oldish picture. Unfortunately as i am a girl and i dont have a wonderful man to do the work i have to do it myself so am rather limited to what i do at the mo.... She currently has:

Lexus lights
Sebring Exhaust - great sound
Dark Smoke windows all the way round - (this photo was taken a long time ago-when i had light smoke on the front)
Arbarth door sills

It is getting graphics on it as we speak - a black flame running from the front of door to rear wheel arch with the blue strip being removed

Am also looking for a spoiler and side skirts for it...

Will post more pics as i get on- in the meantime if anyone has any ideas im ready to hear them...

Thanks for looking

Nutty nomi

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