500 (Classic) Classic 500R


Thought it was 'bout time I added some pics of the 500.

Hes a 500R, and was imported from Italy by a company who prep cars for TV adverts, he was used by the national lottery for the 'lady luck' and barry the unicorn advert.
They company did a great job of butchering him, chopping off the nearside suspension to make way for bolting massive alloys to the inner arches, tinting the windows, doing the awfull paintjob (love the colour but the finish is pants!) they also added a tacky body kit with massive wing and bonnet scoop.
He was eventually rescued from under a hedge where he'd been pretty much left to rot, ive added full race suspension kit, alloy wheels and bucket seats, power comes from a 595cc two cylinder air cooled motor with 123electronic ignition, abarth rocker cover and sump.
I love using him, adds a grin to my face every time I take him out, and returning 50 - 55 mpg makes me smile even more!



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