Cinquecento cinqi race floor


After york i decided that the cinq was too much fun to drive without the back seats in and that they wernt going back in! i wasnt particularly happy with the way the bare floor looked so i decided it was time to build a race floor :D

im pretty sure ive done the most stupid thing i could ever thing of though, ive finished the floor, bolted down and "carpeted" and ive just realised ive left a few spanners under the floor :( so ive gotta take the whole thing up and redo it :(

ah well.. ive also taken out the spare as i wouldnt have been able to get to it anyway unless I made a door type thing but I only thought of that after ide laid and glued all of the supporting beams and it would have needed more work to do a door :) plus hindges and stuff which i dont have!..



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