Panda (Classic) Chiaro the Panda CL.


Introducing the latest addition to the fleet, Chiaro........

Named after the colour of his bodywork. Chiaro was Palio's for quite a while but this week I finally took posession thinking I had someone who would buy him, as it turns out this person has not made contact so I can only assume that he has found a different car to love. :(

Here I am earlier in the week collecting him from Gavin's with Oslo the 4x4 and an A frame.........

As you can see he came to me fitted with Cinq alloys and 175/65 tyres, but I fancied fitting some new 500 steel wheels I had. Chiaro is a quite retro colour so I wanted to play on this by fitting a more retro style wheel. The tyres I already had on them were 175/65/14's and as you can see were too large a diameter.....

So I swapped these for 165/60/14's, they are the ones showing in the first pic of this post and look much better to my eyes. They also drive better than the Cinq wheels having a better offset for a Panda.

You can also see in the pics that the doors need a little attention, having said that it is in fact a very solid and rust free Panda everywhere else, a recent new mot obtained without turning to Mr mig helps to confirm this.

I don't know why but this Panda is particularly nippy, it's like it's got an 1108cc in it rather than 999, couple this to the extra road holding the bigger tyres afford and you have a Panda that's great fun to drive. He will have to go some time soon but for now I'll be driving him as often as I can :).

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