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By Popular Demand Here She Is


People keep asking me about my other (non Fiat) car so...

I have had the car for 7 years she started off life as a 93 2.5 24v V6 Cavalier but after a cam belt failure (only 6K on the belt) she had to have a heart transplant and thanks to a totalled police omega I had a 3.2 lump to go with

This is generally the same engine as the 2.5 but took a bit of work to make fit. A lot of the parts were sourced from a mate who worked for the tuning arm of Hoden (GM down under) which made life a bit easier (but expensive in shipping)

The engine puts out 200+ BHP as standard but after some playing

1. Fully ballanced engine with lightened flywheel
2. High lift cams
3. Ported and polished big valve heads
4. Custom inlet manifold with 12 injectors
5. Custom map ECU & gearbox (she's an auto)
6. Custom stainless manifolds and exhaust with 2 sports cats! (for the MOT emmisions)
7. Custom Oil cooler
8. High compression pistons

She went off the scale on the rolling road we were using at the time so all I know is she has more than 250BHP

for people that don't know me I get more pleasure out of having a "Q" car than shouting about it so the external looks almost std Cavalier but if you look closely you can tell

16" wheels (with holden sourced trims)
BIG!! Vented /Drilled / Grooved disks all round with 4 pot calipers
215 /55 Bridgestones
Full Bilstein Suspension (with just a slightly lower ride hight)
Uprated antiroll bar
and an engine note that gets the old loins stiring especialy at over 6000rpm

My main achevment was managing to keep all the electronics working the TC was a bugger to do but vital in the wet I can tell you!! which is one of the reasons she only goes on road in the summer!!

To be honest it has too much power to be usable except in a straight line although overtaking is a hoot :D She was my everday car for a good while and has never missed a beat since the last bolt was nipped up or used a drop of Mobil 1. But she only runs on full proper super unleaded (not optimax) and on a good day manages mid 20's to the gallon on a bad day (a heavy right foot day) low teens if I am lucky

Once it gets to the end of April she will be back on the road:D :D :D

I hope this keeps the petrol heads amonst you happy for a while:D

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