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So once again I am without a Fiat.
New job involving 1100+ miles a month left me a bit tired from my Punto TA.

I've been keen on getting an EV for a good few years now but any model with more than 100 mile real world range was out of my price bracket so PHEV was looking like my best option.

So introducing my Vauxhall Ampera, which is essentially a Chevrolet Volt with different bumpers.

I could've bought a newer PHEV but the Ampera is currently the only plug in hybrid that is an electric car first and has an engine to extend the range (well theres the i3 ReX but its double the price...)
It has a 150hp electric motor and a feeble 75hp generator in the form of a 1.4 Corsa engine to top you up when the battery is done.
Speaking of, I bought the car in September and on a mild day I got 42miles from the battery before the engine needed to cut in, I average about 32-35 miles on battery at the moment due to cold weather and heating requirements taking their toll on range.

All in all its a lovely car to drive, I get between 600-700 miles between fill ups (£36 a tank) depending on how long my journeys are, costs about £1.10 in electric to charge. Averaging 103mpg over the last 4000miles, hoping this will shoot up in late spring/summer when I'll be able to do 4 days a week of commuting on electric alone, currently only 1 day a week can I do entirely on electric, use about 10 miles of petrol for 3 days and about 40 miles on 1 day.

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