Grande Punto Blue 1.2 GP, First car.


Hi Guys
As it states in the title this is my first car. I bought her 7 months ago and have been on the forums seeking inspiration and ideas, Just never got round to posting a thread. When I first bought her she was in terrible condition :/ had a dint in the rear wing....which is still there, and a scuff on the front bumper. Also came equipped with some rather tatty aftermarket alloys on, which were removed immediately for some steelies. After that the interior was next which was horrible and stunk of dogs :/ so I stripped it out and replaced with the whole sporting interior :D. At the same time I fitted a new tailgate because the old one had several tiny dints in, plus the new one has a spoiler. Next was the head/tail lights which are the front Abarths cluster and rear Evo cluster. Then lowerd it thanks to a guy on here, RusZ? The next major mod was the new sporting alloys, bought for £200! bargain, only one has a little scuff too! The rest are just small cheap mods vinyl, ariel, badges and wind deflectors ect. Maybe only a 1.2 but I love it!
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