Panda Blue 1.1 Active 2007 44k


Some of you may know me from the classic panda section :)

This is my wifes new (to her) car, its a 1.1 active 2007 with only 44k on the clock. Its a little minter in all honesty, though all the windscreen wipers need replaced (parts on order from ebay) and it doesnt have the cigarrette lighter. I have ordered the correct part from partsworld, only £16 odds and if I am lucky I will have the cable and fuse already present so its just plug and play! If not I hope to use the correct panel and run a wire to the battery with an inline fuse somehow. Does anyone have any tips on doing that? (as opposed to running one from inside the glovebox or on top of the dash for example as I have seen others do)

All I have done to it so far is replace one of the rubber bungs from the fuel flap door, its still missing one, but without any at all the door sits in too far and it was bugging my OCD. Really hard to fault this car though, its very original and has been kept really nicely :)

Love the little car anyways, very different from my 1991 750L, but lovely :)

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