Babz's Toyota Yaris


Seen as I was told to clean and polish it today, i thought I might as well take some nice piccies of my handywork!

This is Babz's new car. A Toyota Yaris. Its the 1L 16v with 19k on the clocks. Owned by an elderlylady all its life so its never clocked any big milage. Cost £3200 and is a generally lovely example!

yaris1.jpg yaris2.jpg
yaris3.jpg yaris4.jpg

I really like it! Got quite a bit of go, nowt compared to the CRX but its not bad with a full load of 5. Quite a weird seating position. Seems really high up, but then im used to being sat on the floor in the CRX :p I would actually consider buying one but it would have to be the 1.5 speedie version :D

All it needs is a nice set of 15s and the 3 door sporty spoiler and skirts and ital be spot on :D. Oh and I LOVE the colour (y)

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