Seicento Babz's Sei Abarth


Ive just been doing some work on this beauty all morning. Failed its MOT on a leaking rear shock absorber and luckily we happened to have a set of brand new Apex shocks in the garage :). All fitted and I decided to give the Sei a clean too (Babz will be happy when she gets home from work in my cinq :eek:).

I also decided to give the boot a bit of a tidy up as it was basicly a mass of wires and rubbish. Now its nice and tidy with the amp bolted the the rear of the seats and the wiring hidden away :)

oh and one more thing, i fitted a new rear wiper motor that ive been meaning to do for ages :) It didnt work when we got the Sei! Does now :D

sei1.jpg sei2.jpg
sei3.jpg sei4.jpg
sei5.jpg sei6.jpg
sei7.jpg sei8.jpg
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Fiat Seicento Sporting Abarth 1108cc :
  • Genuine Abarth kit (from factory)
  • Cinquecento Sporting alloys (not through choice but they look cool anyway)
  • Apex -40mm Lowering Kit (springs and shocks)
  • DTM Cup Mirrors
  • Smoked front indicators
  • ITG Induction kit
  • Full MK2 abarth interior
  • Purple/silver colourcoded interior
  • FiatForum stickers :D

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