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Punto (Mk1) Another mk1 Cabrio


Inspired by Cabbie's story https://www.fiatforum.com/members-motors/261899-mk1-punto-cabriolet-bertone-1-2-16v.html , here's my ELX85 Cab about to hit the road again.
I enjoyed the yellow ELX90 for a summer but scraped it badly along a wall in the snow. Never liked the tractor engine, so bought the same-colour ELX85 firing on two only but with brand new factory hood ready for fitting, gd price from a nice lady moderator of this forum, can't remember her name, delivered on transporter via excellent Shiply. The 90 breaker should keep me in body parts.
I drove the Uno 70SX for a year but have just SORNd it. The plan had been to replace the 85's engine with a Mk2/2A engine, 6sp box, and all electronics, for nom 45mpg which would see me thro for some years till all-electrics come of age.
However, change of plan, and Peter Tilson-Hawke of Perfect Service Italian Specialists in Newton Abbot should have the mk1 engine skimmed and gasketed and MOTd next week.
Just in time for this blazing late summer!

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