Alfa MiTo Sportiva 1.6 "Jake"


Been meaning to post this thread for a few days but with work, etc never got around to it!

Having been driving Marceline way more than anyone should drive a 13yr old Punto, I decided it was time to get something a bit more modern and a lot more diesel as my daily driver. I'd been looking at pretty much anything with the 1.6MJ2 engine as it seemed to have the perfect balance, and then this little gem appeared on AutoTrader and I just had to have it!

Sportiva spec, so fully loaded with the ugliest wheels Alfa has ever designed (seriously, it's like VW rejects!), but with the optional sunroof and BOSE speaker system, and currently on 43k.

Not planning any mods, except perhaps a remap in a few months, been quoted £325 from Celtic Tuning to bring it to 150bhp and they seem to be highly regarded.
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