Punto (Mk2/2b) Affectionately known as "Punty"


Well, I've been on the forum for a while now but this is my first post so bear with me if I'm doing things wrong.

This is my first car, a 2004 fiat punto mk2b active (I think), bought it with 98000 miles and has 105000 miles now.
As I got her:

it's a 1.2 8v so no go (n) unfortunately. I've been busy with it over the past year and a half making my attempt at infusing some jdm goodness with an Italian car :cool:. So here goes,

Sorry if the pictures arent great, I took them with a phone.

"Spec" list::

Red recaros from a DC5 Integra in relatively good condition,
Door cards retrimmed in black faux suede,
Rear seats covered with red recaro fabric (yet to be finished)

JVC head unit, not sure of model but it has usb with iPod control, rear aux, front aux and I plan on installing the jvc bluetooth adapter once it arrives in the post ;),
Rightclick alarm system

CSR 3 door punto boot spoiler (yes it fits),
FK badgeless grill,
EZ Universal lip splitter,
Stickerbombed fuel flap,
Universal mudflaps (which I don't like, will be swapping for molded ones),
Rolled the arches with an arch roller and a heat gun (pretty easy if you've got somebody to hold the heat gun but I did the rears on my own and the paint split a little on the innermost edge of the guard),
Tights for lights on the rear :p

Wheels & Suspension:
15x7 Rota slipstreams 4x100 on 185/55/15s,
30mm spacers on the rear drilled and threaded to 4x100 (15mm either side),
FK AK coilovers (rears all the way down, might remove the cups yet, fronts just 14 mm from the very bottom)

None (yet :p)

Doesn't all sound like much but I've spent plenty on the car so far, you know what they say, "Fix It Again Tomorrow" and lets just say there isn't much to go wrong on this car now.

Plans include yellow fog lights, black inner headlights, HIDs in the low beams, smoothed rear bumper, smooth sides, get a jap style tint done around 30 or 35 percent on the rear side windows and the back window 20 percent and a speaker upgrade.
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