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Matte Grey and Black OEM 1.1 Seicento Sporting

So to start, I previously made a thread before, but it was closed etc. I have been on quite a journey with the little seicento sporting.
so I will start from the beginning, fresh.

I purchased the car roughly a year ago. Within an hour of owning the clutch cable went, so the car was offroad for a few days then. A months after that, the alternator failed lol so a new bosch battery and alternator was fitted. Since that it has also had a new rocker cover gasket and new leads and plugs etc.

Ok so from the beginning, this is how it looked:

i didnt really like the orange indicators etc so i purchased some clear ones:

the car had some pretty bad dents, mostly being the biggest one in the bonnet:

i think you can just about see it here.

I did a lot of reasearch on here about springs etc, i was firstly on the lookout for coilovers but I managed to get some 50/60mm springs off ebay for £20 lol

had them fitted a few months later and this is how she sat:

around this sorta time, i started to want to go down a rat look stage (not the sorta wrecked rat look, but the old skool 50s rat look)

I purchased a cherry bomb exhaust - I knew a few cinqs etc but no seis??
so I called Chris from Imagination Creations and he set to work. It was a centre exit made exhaust and obviously it was cut throught the back bumper:

one of the very later mods I actually did was debadge it lol looked so much nicer without them!!

I was tempted with mattig and dtm mirrors also but decided to custom make baseplates for some bullet mirrors ( I now despise the mirrors lol and have oem ones on) i made the base plates and screwed my bullet mirrors on

so from here i was pretty much full on rat mode - so i sanded the car right back, filled all the dents etc and painted the car in grey primer:

it took ages a was my first ever time painting a car lol

I them purchased some 13" steel wheels and rully refurbed them in matte grey with 'atlas' whitewall tyre trims:

as every good rat car needs is a roof rack, so i custom built one frm other bits of rack, wasnt really that difficult, just a case of making brackets and shortening tubes etc:

I also got some very positive feedback at a classic car show i went to which was nice, and upto a few months ago this is how she sat:

Then after a few little bits and pieces here and there, I lost all love for the car in its current state and wanted a totally different look to the car. so i stopped for a few months and srating to get the car running nice and being sensible (growing up eh??) and ripped off the silly useless chrome mirrors and replaced with my OEM ones (I sprayed them gloss black)
refurbed my Cinq alloys and sprayed them gloss black. I had a spare bonnet with was taken back to bare metal had the bnnet welded up and smoothed:

sprayed in filler primer and red oxide primer allover and given a nce over with hammerite and painted gloss black to match the wheels etc and fund some old tal light tinting spray and gave my old indicator lenses a going over.
and this is the final result:


so there it is, a few things still need changing ie the stickers need taking off, and the green trim needs painting (im thinking pink lol)

so yeah, the car is runing really nicely,for me its all about having a decent runner bout now, the brakes are being done in the next few months too and the smoked indicator lenses will be replaced with proper manufactored built ones as their is that grey line with smked indicator lol

Thanks ever so much.

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