Punto (Mk2/2b) A grey and hopefully colorful daily driver Punto


My second Punto mk2 !
Because, even though the first Punto was totally worn down, it proved to be quite easy and cheap to maintaine, and having good mileage (km/l), and perfectly roomy for all my different equipment.
But it was crap riding, and when the HG blew, I was just to happy finding a better example.

And I did. A grey, rather conservative style 1.2 16v from year 2000.
Ok interior.

And aloys, that needs a lot of love, but looks ok from distance.

The Fiat had some errors.
A cracked set of rearlights, that I just swapped from the old Punto.
A set of wintertires from the old Punto.
Bonnet release was snapped and I used 10 minutes to replace it with a new.
The frontbumper is heavely scratched when they tried to open the bonnet. Getting it painted next year, after the winter.
Though mostly rust free, it needed a lot of rustproofing to make it through the winter (Danish winters are agressive saltridden anticar winters...)
Just passed MOT, it actually has a small rust issue in the right side bottom of the car. About 10 x 15 cm, that must be welded with new metal.
First i believed the clutch was worn down, but it turned out that it was a combination of problems with the master- and slave cylinders.
Taking things appart and cleaning and lubing, and finally bleeding the system, and the clutch seems happy.
And the thermostat had to be changed.
And then a complete change of oil, oilfilter, airfilter, and coolant and a lot of bleeding.

But then its a quite happy little car, with (hopefully) just small optical snags.

Next weekend I'm gonna bleed the brakes, so all fluids are new and I know the quality all around.
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