Seicento '98 from 0.9LPG to 1.2 neverending story


Hi folks!
I would like to show you my seicento. It was a 900 + LPG but after some circumstances 1.2 8V said hello to me. It's long story so I will drop below some modification done for now.

Engine and transmission:
- Full rebuilt 1.2 8V 75HP from punto I
- Yankowy intake (best in my country)
- throttle 45mm
- adjustable cam wheel
- camshaft 278*

- light flywheel 3,8KG
- gearbox 6s with main gear 13/64
- steel braided petrol hoses inside cabin

- 45mm exhaust with 125p muffler

- everywhere yellow (strongest) poliuretanas produced by Strongflex
- Eibach spring and PZM-1/bilstein b4 shocks
- 4x25mm alu distance on side
- rear anti-roll bar

- front brakes - Brembo MAX + DS2500
- hydraulic handbrake
- steel braided brake hoses inside cabin
- Punto I brake pump and brake servo

- new pait
- sporting bodykit
- fiberglass hood
- polycarbonate rear glass
- tow straps
-lower and upper strutbar

- full rollcage
- bucket seats FIA
- 6point harness FIA
- RRS wheel
- oil temp / water temp / oil press DEFI gauges
- main switch
- radiator fan on switch
- shiftlight

- russian forged rims, BMW Alpina, Speedline Sporting

Plans? YES! I need to bought LSD, 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, aluminum plate under the engine, swap rear brakes from Abarth 500. Buy new camshaft probably cat cams/colombo bariani but still dont know which degrees :/. Suzuki GSXR carbs to do some ITB ;)

Some pics:

cd27cWL.jpg EzH0jvd.jpg bV3QDe8.jpg CwF5PUG.jpg CnYBGAI.jpg Hq92BgS.jpg VienRpc.jpg WL4GakZ.jpg Jmo3g8B.jpg ttngtqS.jpg du8jmUG.jpg hv1Nybs.jpg XMiL5p7.jpg uR1ouzb.jpg qZ2ZU1A.jpg

And some backfire ;) before painting:

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