X1/9 43k barn find


This is the story of my X1/9. It was stored in a barn for about the last 25 years and was taken in by the seller after the owner died. (A friend found it for him and thought he'd enjoy a project ..) The seller didn't want to mess with it as he had too many other projects, so he put it on eBay where it sat without any bids. I bid and won it for $500 (USD). This car is complete, right down to the original, 4/78 date coded front tires. The only thing I can find missing are a trim ring and center cap. Included with the sale were all the documentation on the car, including a couple of original X1/9 brochures. It's truly like opening a time capsule. It's got some rusty spots, and needs a good cleaning (inside and out) but I think it's quite salvageable. So now you know what I'm working with if I ask any stupid questions. ;) LOL

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