Tipo (Classic) 35mm tipo piccies


Just a few pics I took with the good old SLR the otherday in tescos car park :) the actual photos look so much better as my scanners pretty basic. also added a piccy of the sky on the same night on the end! gorgeous

tipo is no debadged aswell.

last pic of the tipo is slightly out of focus though :( nevermind :p

just had a few probs with the car and have been fixing it this morning.. car cut out on me completly on the way home and i had to get my mum out to tow me! scary stuff :p).. worked out there wasnt a spart so thought it could have been the ignition coils but ive had experience with them going so i kinda ruled that out. turns out after fiddling and tweeking wires that the previous owner got the immobilizer installed by a complete monkey. I dont think theres a single wire behind the dash that hasnt been cut and put back together. its a complete mess behind there with loads of odd wires hanging around etc. turnsout one of the resoldered wires had come loose which was cutting the power to the ecu. all sorted now though :)

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