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Picked up my second Fiat this week. A 2016 Fiat 500x. Car has only 12k miles and is a one owner before me. Still had plastic on the touchscreen. 😉 Love the look and styling.

Owned a 2012 500 for a number of years and managed 150k miles before selling it. Loved that car.

Looking forward to this one for my wife as well. Just purchased the following:

- stainless rear bumper plate
- 500 madness lowering springs
- fitted floor mats
All from 500 madness

After I get that stuff I would like to keep the factory alloys and add a bit wider tire with possibly a small spacer to give it a better stance and improve any roll/ handling issues. I do realize it’s not a sports car but some of the renderings of a “sportier” 500x are very appealing to us.
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