Bravo (Classic) 2.0 20v Turbo Bravo "My Black Bitch".


Hello from germany.

My name is Georg and im living in Rosenheim near Munich in Germany.
I'm 25 years old...

...and here's my Fiat Bravo GT 20v Turbo Project. (y)

It just needs some paint and interior work, but the engine runs and the whole "black bitch" is running very fast :D It's a big joy to drive this car, but my neighbour hates me because of the sound :D

Unfortunatly I'm thinking of selling all my Fiat spare and tuningparts with the project, because I've too less time to work in my garage and finish the car. But the next few weeks I've some days to go on and so I hope I can just drive a few rounds.

Details and technical information will follow the next few days. (y)

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