Panda (Classic) 1993 Fiat Panda Fizz "Pandino"


Hey everyone, let me introduce you to my first car! :)

The car is a 1993 Fiat Panda Fizz, 999cc engine with fuel injection, only 26,000 miles at the time of buying. Nicknamed "Pandino" by the previous owner, and I'll make sure that name sticks! :D

Pictures are compulsory of course, so I've attached some of my first images that I've taken of the car. You'll likely find various other pictures in this thread when I get some things done to it! I attached the pictures to this post and I've uploaded one to the gallery so that I can have this one embedded! :rolleyes:

*Following list is from original post, more has been done since, read thread for more*
What have I done already? Well I haven't even had the car for a couple of days yet, but I've done a few things...
  1. Used upholstery cleaner on the dirty ceiling, definitely needs some more though!
  2. Figured out how to do everything (i.e. parcel shelf removal, putting seats down, seat positions, mirrors etc)!
  3. Cleaned all the windows and mirrors!
  4. Checked all fluids and oil levels!
  5. Checked all lights/buttons!
  6. Checked tyre pressures, which I might decrease in the rear as they're running quite high!
  7. Took out the spare wheel/tyre, gave it a good clean but it is showing it's age, though it's been pumped up so it'll get me home if I need it now!
  8. Took the seal/cover off the heater matrix to remove the forest that was growing within it...
  9. Tried taking off the grille but couldn't get one of the centre poppers off and the front screws look a bit rounded off...
  10. Ran the car and moved it on the driveway!
  11. Put a blanket, a bag, a tool extension and a first aid kit in the boot!

*Following list is from original post, read thread for more*
What I plan to do next...
  1. Clean, clean, clean!
  2. Hopefully obtain new badges for the front and rear as all are discoloured!
  3. Try and clean the garage to fit the car in (or more likely at this time, find a suitable car cover for it)!
  4. Seal doors to prevent rust!
  5. Get some touch up paint for areas where paint has come away!
  6. Buy some Fiat Forum stickers of course!
  7. Potentially buy new number plates or at least replace some screws as they're looking a bit worn!
  8. What ever else I end up thinking of... follow the thread and read for more!

I also plan to go to some Panda classic events with others. I'll keep an eye out, but feel free to invite me to something if you've got something/see something going on!

That's about all I can think of right now! It feels so strange having a car, I'm very happy to have bought a car I really wanted. I've been looking for ages. :worship: If you have any questions about it then please do ask! I'm very happy to talk about my car! (y)

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