Panda (Classic) 1993 Fiat Panda CLX "Swindon"


As some of you know already, I bought my fourth Fiat Panda recently, a 1993 1000 CLX. It was locally bought from Swindon, and the car became known as Swindon Panda as I couldn't think of a nickname for it. Recently I've been thinking even more about a name, but I notice that the name it needs has been looking at me in the face all the time - Swindon :)

The car was targeted by youths, all the windows were smashed, a few plastics/rubbers taken, radio aerial broken and radio/speakers taken and a few dents added. The doors were also opened and pushed past their full extend, ruining the hinges and damaging the metal of the door.

Here it is when I first got there, all paid up and ready on the trailer!

All the way home, just looking back to check it was still there (y)

Back home, we unloaded and the car was put into the garage, relegating the Fizz to the driveway temporarily. When I was moving the new CLX, my next door neighbour thought I was in my Fizz - I managed to show them it wasn't by waving my hands out and through the windows!

Now that it has been a little while since I've had the car, I've done a few things (other than just fill it with old boxes and stuff from the garage). Doors and hinges fitted from the black CLX, bootlid also fitted from the black CLX since this picture, new fuel cap, battery recharged, runs a dream! Rear glass put in as well.

Also hoovered up all the glass you can see in the next picture! Took a long time to clean it all out, it was absolutely everywhere.

Next up for Swindon is getting the front windscreen sorted, and then it is on to a few luxuries like painting the doors to match and what ever I add to the list next!

The car runs a dream and is surprisingly quite rust free :eek: So with a bit of TLC, I'm planning to make this a daily driver and keep the Fizz in the garage while I tinker with this and the Sisley. I will likely have to sell one of the three Pandas I have next year though (most likely this one) as my sister will want a space, so unless she or my girlfriend happens to buy then feel free to register your interest. I'm making it all up as I go along, but that's the fun of it all, you'll see more of this car soon :D

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