Panda (Classic) 1990 Fiat Panda Sergio tacchini


Hi Guys,

Had this Panda for years now and want to get it to someone who will live it once again.

Currently just testing the market, not sure weather to sell as parts or a whole project, hence why not advertised as a classified yet. Any information on what it may be worth or interest in it would be appreciated.

Been sat for a few years but the bodywork is not in too bad condition. Paintwork is original apart from bonnet and roof. Some of the paintwork is okay but there is cracking on roof and bonnet and the passenger side is in worse condition.
Panels are generally quite flat, roof is dented tho.

Interior is in good condition for the age and has that unique Sergio tacchini green throughout.

The engine has not been turned over since sat but was in sound working order previous to that.

Original handbook/owners manual is present.

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