Uno 1985 55 Super, what a gem !


Hello all,

It's been 3 days since I bought it but I'm still thrilled !

Me and a friend have been looking for 1st gen UNOs for quite some time now, and when this came up for sale I just had to have it, and almost forced him to go see it and eventually buy it.

And so it all happened very quickly, I still haven't seen it in the flesh, here's some of the pics I have.

She's in an incredible state of conservation, presumably kept in a garage or somewhere dry she has little to no real rust, probably one of the benefits of having spent her life back home where it rains way less often.

I'm going to fix her up a bit, she runs and drives beautifully but could do with some love, then we'll team up and prep her to drive to Mongolia next summer, just to get used to the new girl.

Updates soon, thanks for tuning in ;)
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