Grande Punto 12 Months on !


Bought my lovely car over 12months ago and i still love it to bits :) not had as much trouble i have with the other two GP's ive had, the onlys things required to repair was

  1. gear box seal
  2. drive shaft seals
  3. anti roll bar links
  4. water leak on passenger door
  5. coil pack
  6. body computer.
other than thats its been mega spot on!!!

had it in for service at fiat friday :D did a spot on job!! (be back in feb for oil change anyway) this is the only one i have had serviced by fiat as i usually do my own :)

from standard i have done a few little mods not many but it makes car look better in my opinion

  1. side skirts
  2. m-jet sporting alloys
  3. front vynal look grill (painted)
  4. cupra splitter (needs doing again as its wonky :( )
  5. 25mm lowered springs and stiffer shocks
  6. chrome (blue flame) exhaust tip
  7. removal of exhaust centre section.
  8. calipers painted.
near future i want to do a few little things to it

  1. wheels black or grey(anthrcite)
  2. bit more of a lower on it
  3. half leather
  4. full stainless steal exhaust
  5. GSR

now for the pics :) spent 3 hours saturday cleaning the interior and my mate (detailer of the year for some VW forum thingy) spent 3.5 hours cleaning the outside :)

and suggestions welcomed please :)







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