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Hi all!

Just a small topic to introduce myself.
My name is Bart and I live in the Netherlands.

In october 2007 I started rebuilding an Uno 1.4 turbo i.e. racing from the ground up. First the complete car was stripped down and the body was sent to a workshop to fix all rotten panels and hidden rusty bits. A lot of parts have been replaced because when you strip down to the base you come across a lot of rusty horror!

After all the welding was done the car was resprayed in a custom white color called 'Xirallic white'. This is a standard white base color with xirallic effect clearcoat. But is just a very subtle metallic effect which shows up best in direct sunlight. With artificial light it just looks like a very, very white Uno :)

In the meantime I started rebuilding the engine and replaced, refurbished or upgraded existing parts. You can say I had every single bolt of this car in my hand.

All the work I did was done in the weekends and spare time in the evening. I did not have a deadline set because I just enjoyed working on my Uno so I took my time.

The current state is that it can be driven, it has MOT, is taxed and well-insured but it still needs some final tweaks to make it 100% finished. (Although it is said that an Uno is never finished :) )

And because pictures tell a lot more than words I have attached a few images for you to enjoy ;)

Also I have created a small project video which covers most of the work:



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