Grande Punto 1.4 16v how much is my car worth?


Hello everyone, I'm coming to sell my car now as I need a bigger car.
I'm struggling to find how much I should sell it for so figured this was the best place for me to get an idea!

Spec is 1.4 16v sporting.
49k FSH including cambelt a couple of months ago and long MOT.
Full leather seats, electric panoramic sunroof, 17inch alloys with conti tyres (the expensive ones) all round with 4-5mm tread. Steering wheel control with blue and me mp3 stereo though I've replaced the stereo as the speaker pack installed by fiat works better with an aftermarket stereo I have found. Though still have the original stereo. Stereo/speaker pack. I've probably forgot some stuff but this was loaded when new and I've never seen one with as many add ons.
Bad points, 5 or 6 small dents and scuffs, alloys could do with refurb. I was contemplating shelling out for this but didnt know whether it was worth the effort to save the price off of the car.

I've added a picture..

Can anyone give me a good idea what it is worth?

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