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it broke

the playstation decided it no longer wanted to work when i turned it on last night. turned itself immediately off and started flashing a red light at me which appears to be some sort of hardware fault

sony want 145 for a reconditioned one as it's out of guarentee, and a place which fixes them says it'll be at least 80

if i decided to take it apart it would damage the warranty seal, would this affect the offer sony are giving me? seeing as it's out of warranty already.

either way i'm pretty pissed off, i didn't realise sony had decided that their console needed a red ring of death equivalent
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Re: it broke


do you get the reconditioned one before you send in yours? What's the process?
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Re: it broke

A manager at our place got a 60gb on launch and got a replacement when it broke for free...even tho it was 2 years old...seems odd they are applying preferential treatement I doubt they knew he worked for Game but considering you've been given the console equivalent of a slap (RROD repair is free from M$) I'm starting to think that maybe they did.

As an aside there is no reliable home console....360s have RROD, PS3 disc drives are designed to last 1 year plus an unspecifed amount of time before failure (we get a fair few in before a year...GRRRRR), and Wiis suffer with controller and sensing issues as well as a nice disc reading problem despite the hardware itself being about as complicated as an abacus..

Most reliable console ever imho would be a GBA SP pretty much unkillable...unlike its successors DS was ok DS lite is too flimsy for the market its aimed at and i'll bet the DSi is the same.
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Re: it broke

Sorry for opening this can or worms but...........................the playstations are almost as bad as the xBox for hardware failures, its just a lot less mainstream.

Microsoft's after sales are loads better than Sony's, 5 year warranty for hardware failures.

However back on topic, there is a guy by me who can fix RROD problems for 35 quid, ideal if you are up to no good and don't want microsoft to know something
surely there is a similar somebody by you who can fix playstations, best chance is asking at computer fairs.

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Re: it broke

i remember there being an advert on ebay where the people give you a recon console for your current one, no matter what the problem, they even come out to drop the new one off and collect your old one
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