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How to Replace The Rear Suspension Bump Stops Using PowerFlex Bumps

Hi All,

This is just a quick guide or suggestion on how to replace your rear bumps stops if there missing or worn with a new set of aftermarket universal powerflex bump Stops,

Now its up to you which type you use as most can be cut to suit, but i used this set below as i got them off eBay as cheap as chips ,but if your looking to replace them i would use this set.....Part No BS015,its the second last set on the above link on the list,

You will need to jack the car up and place the car on a set of axle stands to work in safe work place!,once you have this done remove the wheels as you will have to lower the trailing arms so you can remove the old bump stops and fit the new ones,

Once the wheels are removed place your jack under one of the trailing arms and jack it up till it just takes up the pressure on the spring and no more!,then its just a case of loosening the 13mm bolt on the bottom of the rear damper then remove the bolt then let the jack back down slowly and this will then release the pressure on the trailing arm spring,one you have this done the spring should by rights just fall out?, or it might need a slight pull to remove it,

Once you have this done its just a case of removing the 13mm bolt holding the old bump stop in place on the rear chassis leg,then using the plastic caps that are bolted to the chassis, place your new bump stop in the plastic cap and refit,you will see an image below of the plastic cap in question removed and ready for refitting with the new bump stop,

Then its just a case of refitting the spring making sure its seated in the right location then jack the trailing arm back up to the point you can then screw the 13mm damper bolt back into the trailing arm and torque it up 49Nm 36ibf ft,

Then it just a case of moving on to the other side and do the same again,once finished it should look like this below,

Refit the wheels and remove the axle stands.....Jobs a good un,

For any further assistance relating to this guide please post in Fiatscotland's Technical section for further assistance!

Hope this helps,

All the best Don
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