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Front Wishbone Replacement.

First things first the stilo range are fitted with three different sizes of wishbone that are all visibly the same. the change occurs in the bolt size that holds them to the car so when buying remember to check which ones are on your car!!.

so they look like this when they arrive.

So you have your new wishbones and you need to replace them... then this is what to do, surprisingly very easy to do and only took 30 mins to do both!

1.) engage the handbrake and place the car in 1st gear, jack the front of the car up and support on both sides by axel stands. i placed them on the beams running under both sides of the car.

2.) Locate your wishbones and there are only three bolts to be undone on both sides. First is the balljoint at the end nearest to the disk. it looks like this.

3.) remove the nut holding it on. (17mm or 19mm depending on variation) and pull the bolt out. Then using a jack slowly lift the disk upwards, this is why your car is in gear as it will restrict the movement of the disk and stop the jack slipping free however DO NOT hold cars weight just lift the disk up a few inches, once the slack has been taken up knock the wishbone downwards hard using a hammer to dislodge the joint free.

4.) using a 19mm nut then un-tighten the two main bolts that hold the wishbone to the subframe. and then simply slide the old wishbone out....

Replacing new one. NOTE do not fully tighten any bolts till the end!!!!!

1.) slide the new wishbone into the place of the old one you have just removed and apply some grease to the threads of the old bolts and simply slide the two 19mm bolts back in place but do not fully tighten. (because of the new bush's it may be harder to align so use slight knocks with a hammer to get it in place!)

2. align the wishbone ball joint to the bottom of the hub wear you knocked the old one out with a hammer. when in place and aligned slowely lower the disk from the jack that you raised it on before and tap the wishbone from below to insert the ball joint into the hole...

3. IMPORTANT. look through the hole on the hub behind the disk in which the bolt goes to hold the balljoint in place. the ball joint has a groove cut away from it for the bolt to slide in. make sure this is aligned before trying to force a bolt through..

4. once aligned apply grease to the old bolt and tap the bolt back through with a hammer (tap not hit) and then simply screw the nut on the bolt.

5. IMPORTANT!! Now go back and fully tighten as tight as you can the three bolts that you have moved!.

now your new wishbone is in place and fully tightened check for any movement in the arm by pulling and pushing it, if there is no play then move on to the other side.. once both the arms are replaced due to having worked on your suspension setup you now need to go and get your car professionally tracked to prevent excess tyre wear.

job done!

For any further assistance relating to this guide please post in Fiatscotland's Technical section for further assistance!
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