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Abarth Evo Detail Pics

[attachment=1:2kj6p537]Abarth 062.jpg[/attachment:2kj6p537][attachment=1:2kj6p537]Abarth 056.jpg[/attachment:2kj6p537][attachment=1:2kj6p537]Abarth 024.jpg[/attachment:2kj6p537][attachment=1:2kj6p537]Abarth 002.jpg[/attachment:2kj6p537][attachment=1:2kj6p537]Abarth 003.jpg[/attachment:2kj6p537][attachment=1:2kj6p537]Abarth 067.jpg[/attachment:2kj6p537][attachment=1:2kj6p537]Abarth 066.jpg[/attachment:2kj6p537][attachment=1:2kj6p537]Abarth 065.jpg[/attachment:2kj6p537][attachment=1:2kj6p537]Abarth 064.jpg[/attachment:2kj6p537][attachment=1:2kj6p537]Abarth 063.jpg[/attachment:2kj6p537][attachment=1:2kj6p537]Abarth 061.jpg[/attachment:2kj6p537][attachment=1:2kj6p537]Abarth 046.jpg[/attachment:2kj6p537]
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stunning work, love those APE's
Now owns a Fiat and a Suzuki h34r:
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Very nice :rolleyes2:
Quote Originally Posted by ycming View Post
Owning it is the easiest thing keeping it on the road is the fun bit
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