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Handbrake Adjust

So, your handbrake is below parr? you need to use quite a few clicks to get the car to hold still? then this is how you adjust your seicento handbrake cable up to acceptable level!.

First of all, Jack one side of your car up and support it using two axel stands next to both wheels.

Underneath the car in the middle you will see this below. If it doesnt quickly jump out at you then its in the center just above the exhaust and on some cars may be covered by a heat sheild that can just be pushed asside.

this is your handbrake cable and adjuster. Its a realy simple system that utilises a threaded bar with a 'horse shoe' shape cable holder that connects it to the threaded bar... by moving the holder up and down the bar it tightens/loosens the cable!.

Its super simple to adjust also.

1. carefully lean in your car and apply your handbrake by 3 clicks.
2. get underneath the car (makeing sure its safe) and using your two 13mm spanners, one on each nut. Seperate them from eachother
3. Slowely tighten the nut closest to the 'horse shoe' cable holder, whilst doing this keep slowly spinning (or attempting to spin) the rear wheel that is elevated untill you cannot move it by hand when using force.
4. when you reach this point, tighten second nut underneath back up to the first and tighten them against eachother to prevent them lossening.

5. (IMPORTANT STEP) before you lower the car thinking job done. lean in the car and release the handbrake..... now check the wheel spins freely... if it does, job done, just push the heatsheild back (if you had one) and you can jack the car up and remove the stands and your good to go... however if it will not move, or you can feel it binding and giving some resistance then you need to loosen the cable abit as you have adjusted it too much.

6. to loosen if needed, just reverse the steps above and SLOWELY loosen the bolts untill you can move the wheels freely when the lever is off and you cant when 3-4 clicks are applied....

7. If no amount of handbrake adjustment will allow your handbrake to work when engaged and also move freely when disengaged then you may have a problem with your rear hand brake shoe actuator arms... please check the guide on how to repair them :-)

For any further assistance relating to this guide please post in Fiatscotland's Technical section for further assistance!
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