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G Spag
My Yellow Bravo HGT 155 (Loads of pics)

Ok I've followed the site for a while and thought I'd post some pics of the HGT.

The only modifications it had were Abarth badges, head-unit, alloys, painted calipers and a K&N induction kit. I was given the original alloys and air filter too. It had done 53k miles and I just couldn't resist.

Started out like this, enter Steed:

After a wash and pics not from advert:

Removed Abarth stickers from the rear:

Not liking the alloys on the car, I switched them with the Claws on my old Stilo (which my grandad is now driving)

The tyres were 215/45 17, I had no problems at all, even at full lock. I know some people have had rubbing issues. The Claws are quite heavy too, but I love these wheels.

Quick peek at what a 73 year old Italian now drives:

...they look so out of place on the Stilo. Mind you, so does my grandad driving that!

Anyway, the Claws lasted a month, one is now buckled thanks to a massive pot hole, the fronts were a bit low so needed changing soon too. So, originals went on today. I'd have taken the Abarth badges off the wings, but couldn't be bothered. I had so many problems with removing one off the rear it's put me off, so may just leave them.

Polys were taking up space in my room, so on they went. I have the side light connectors but I need to get them sorted by someone at a later date. Couldn't get a decent pic of them though.

And finally, I just bought this stereo facia, it replaced the autoleads one and I think it's so much better looking.

...well thats it for now! Next purchase will be HiD's. Probably new discs and pads all round, get a new exhaust, probably lower it a bit, then a new induction kit and remap to finish the job.

I'm sorry for the length, especially on a car thats unmodified!
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Re: My Yellow Bravo HGT 155 (Loads of pics)

the original wheels seem to suit it best IMHO, although the claws with a lower profile tyre and a 20mm drop would look nice .
Tidy looking bravo, i can see myself in a yellow HGT in the not to distant future.
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