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Elect Window running slow Solution

Noticed quite a few of you noticing slow running electric windows......


The reason some windows are slower than others are due to VOLTDROP, Unfortunatly Fiat (the swine!!)have sized the cables to the windows slightly on the conservative side, so cables that are longer, ie to passenger side, and to the back windows are slower.

Fiat should have fitted larger diameter cables to cope with the voltdrop as motors will go slower with cable resistance especially on a 12V system. But financial considerations are paramount to the car industry, every Euro counts.

Solution. I cannot see you lot changing the cables to a larger size, so what has likely happened is that dirt and grime has got into the runners and when the car was new the motors just coped with the voltdrop.

Now with dirt the runners create friction so the motors labour even worse.

Dont worry, what to do is get a bottle of WD40 and spray down the window runners on both sides and also spray into the runners inside the door by using that little straw supplied with the WD40, but watch you dont lose the straw within the door, like me, Doh!

This will work wonders with your windows, so get spraying and stop praying.

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