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That time of year!

After getting through the summer fairly trouble free, its now cold again, and problems that were tollerable last winter are back, but too much now!
My '97 1600 SX won't start very well on a morning, had it in at the garage a couple of weeks ago, diagnostic said new coil was required.... 176 all in. Was better for a while, but still every now and again it won't start. It seems to happen if I have done a short journey previously, then get in it next day or a couple of hours later and try to start it again. It follows this pattern every time, and for some reason the fuel pump can't be heard. Get back in it 5 minutes later, and if you can here the pump 'buzz' it will start, if it doesn't, it won't!
Don't think the pump is faulty as once it has started, it runs fine. Its as if there is a problem trying to start it, after a short journey where the fuel mixture hasn't adjusted to normal running temperature mixture before I turn it off!
Any experiences, experts don't seem to understand!!!
This is the final straw if I can't sort it out!
P.S. Its starting to get to me as my girlfriend likes to remind me how reliable her Toyota Yaris is, not a future option for me!
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