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Smile Fiat Ducato 2.0Jtd Gearbox Rattle

Hey guys I am new to this forum but if anyone could help or advise me on my situation that would be great.

Ok I purchased a fiat ducato van 2005 2.0jtd around a month ago, I bought it knowingly that the thrust bearing was rattling (which I thought it was anyway) and a crunch into 5th gear. (didn't bother me)

I had to lift the collar up on the gearstick as if I would be going into reverse, just to get 1st and 2nd gear. However I researched more of what the problem could of been with the difficulty of the gears, nothing online helped me with my situation, I tried everything that was mentioned.

Anyway I sorted the problem with the gears, for anyone who may read this if they were having the same problem as me then pull the gearstick gaitor off and unscrew the 2 screws holding plastic around gearstick and once you have it off, there is an adjuster to centralize the gear stick and that sorted me out.

All was going well until a few days later when I couldn't get any gears or it was stuck in a gear so I had a look at the selector on top of the gearbox and it was jammed, wouldn't move up or down. So that more or less meant my gearbox is goosed. So I purchased a gearbox online, and arrived a few days ago, so I got gearbox out myself and noticed a brand new clutch and thrust bearing fitted not so long ago by the looks of them, and thurst bearing was ok so the rattle must of been in the gearbox that I took out.

Anyway today I got the van finished and everything working as it should, I have all gears and is very smooth. But there is a rattle coming from the gearbox and when I depress the clutch pedal it stops after a second but when I lift the pedal back up and starts rattling again. Now I must admit I should of replaced clutch and thrust bearing whilst gearbox was out but because they both look new I thought I would save my self some money and when I tested thrust bearing it was 100% so I can't see that causing the problem.

Has anyone got any ideas as to what the rattle could be? Anything I can try or replace to solve the problem, as I say van drives very well and goes through the gears nice and smooth.

Thanks in advance, apologies for the big long paragraph I just like to make sure I am getting every detail in there. Thanks
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Re: Fiat Ducato 2.0Jtd Gearbox Rattle

I m a 2001 ducato owner and as a result have two gearboxes one dogie one in the motorhome and one in my workshop being overhauled . I think if your clutch thrust bearing didt grind or bind when you tested it its good to go
If you get rumbling noise when foot off clutch the chances are the gearbox bearing are faulty .if the noise is when foot on clutch thrush bearing faulty. I think you already realized this but know the gearbox you fitted is will have to come back out for a complete overhaul. PS good luck finding parts. Robin
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