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Doblo bull bars

Have been looking at the bull bars on Ebay for the doblo,
does anyone have these fitted as if so , do they look good ?
and are they easy to fit
Sold the doblo but now we have a punto
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Re: Doblo bull bars


I have a bull bar fitted, there seems to be two types avail please see the following links

Yes they do look good, change the front of the van completely... Can't remember where i got mine from ,but i think it was from a van accessory site... They do 4*4 bits as well...

No they are not easy to fit.... need two of you and an afternoon... get some ramps !!!
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Re: Doblo bull bars

The site ashy_2002 is on about is called only trouble is they don't seem to do the Doblo bar as of two weeks ago when they re-designed their site. Might be worth ringing them.

I like them, think they add that little bit extra to the front, I want one
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