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2018 Doblo questions

Hey all,

After trying to decide what van to get, I have finally settled on the Doblo.
I still have a few questions though.

-How reliable are these vans? What are the common issues? Mainly the 1.6l diesel, such as this one:

-I was wanting to install a double DIN android auto headunit. I noticed there is some facia kits out there, but I am not sure they are for the commercial model or the passenger model, as I have noticed they have different dashes. Can anyone recommend a facia kit to work with the Doblo van?

-I've noticed there is a few ECU tunes out there for this van from companies such as Celtic Tuning. How safe is it to tune this van and do a DPF delete?

-Is the single clutch auto any good? Is there a particular reason why the manual version of this van has more power and torque? Is it because the auto can't handle the torque?
(My wife had a Fiat 500 twinair with the auto. The jerkiness didn't bother me and we never had any issues with it. I'm more concerned with how much torque it can handle, being a diesel).

-Can anyone recommend a cruise control module to add to this van?

I appreciate any input. Thanks in advance.
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United Kingdom 
Re: 2018 Doblo questions

That is alot, I'll do my best though!

Reliability - That is going to be different, by make and even model. For example my 2002 1.9 ESX diesel just passed 120K and (for the most part) has had minor maintenance. One injector failed at 80K (90) and the fuel float wouldn't register a full tank (3/4 max, but worked otherwise (130). However, by brother bought the 2010 and spent thousands on varied issues in it's first 30K but has been fine since. If you kept it serviced (very well serviced), good breaks, tires and keep it clean (all over, engine bay, under carriage) it will last decades (but then again, most vehicles would). My personal experience, I have spent 100 times more on my RX8 than the Fiat and drive the Fiat daily.

Android Double DIN - Another difficult question. Having installed a 2DIN into the 2002 Doblo (which only supported 1DIN) I know the sizes these units can be. While the height and width vary little, the depth can vary greatly. You need to do your research as to what you want it to do with the mounting space you have. With the newer version, some after market units to not fit nicely due to dash curving. A custom fascia might be needed (contact your local body shop, they usually know someone who can fabricate custom fascias). As for features, be very careful who you buy from. Loads of cheap knock-offs out there that are pure junk. In this case, you very much get what you pay for.

Tuning - This is a Doblo, not a Skyline. I've had my RX8 pro tuned but I'm not concerned about fuel economy or exhaust temp, just power and speed. Unless you want higher fuel economy the factory settings are prefect. Also tuning is not a 250 and you're done, it's an on-going diagnostic process. My RX8 cost me 8K by the time I got it where I was happy.

Auto trans - no clue on this one, haven't driven an automatic since I left the USA 30 years ago.

Cruise control - Had one installed 6 years ago by Autotronix. Cost 450, no idea what model it is. Works great never had an issue. If you can find a custom fitter (audio guys seem to know them) they might be able to get better info.

My only piece of advice, get all the windows behind the driver tinted as dark as you can get them. My A/C unit works amazingly well in Italy (visiting family 2 or 3 times a year) since I did that!
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