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Doblo Tailgate Struts

Hi all, my first post here.

I need to replace the tailgate struts on my 07 Doblo. I'm capable of doing this but there is a small metal bracket type fitting protecting the lower strut fittings.
These need removing before the strut can be pulled off.
Does anyone know the correct type/size for the torx/star tool to undo the small four fixing bolts on these?

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Re: Doblo Tailgate Struts

I did mine a few times when I first got dobbin - cold weather always affected the struts really badly.
I have never had the need to use anything other than a thin screwdriver on the end of the strut - to prise the metal C-clip away from the plastic end.
It's also quite a simple job to do single-handed. With one strut off, you'll need to support the tailgate, however, once you pop the socket of new strut onto the ball, it holds the tailgate up, leaving your hands free to push those C-clips into place. You need to have them on the ends ready to go.
If you haven't bought replacements yet, I recommend checking round to make sure the ones you get are suitable and will exert a high enough force.
The replacements provided by the dealer were Lift-o-mat B418. According to the specs on their website, these exert an extension force of 150 - 1150 Newtons. The diameter of the outer chamber is 22mm. Upgrading to a 28mm diameter tube would give an extension force of up to 2100N and an extension of 500mm (as opposed to the 400 this size gives).
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